Restaurant Blüemlismatt is a mountain restaurant located above Egerkingen at 814 meters above the sea.
But you feel like you are in a gourmet restaurant, not in the ambiance of mountain restaurants in general.

Restaurant management Markus studer and his team are absolutely friendly. The decorations and plant diversity around the restaurant are very organized (obviously planned by a master and implemented with love)

On nice days in Blümlismatt you can eat on the terrace or, as we did, you can take your appetizers on the terrace and eat your meal inside. There are also huts in Blümlismatt that can be rented for small groups, where you can enjoy raklette or other meals with your friends.

We enjoyed the view while we had our snacks, but as the sun started to move away, the wind picked up. Then we went inside to our table for our meal. We had a comfortable place in the winter garden at the back, which I think was a later addition to the building.

While we were getting our aperos, we had all chosen what we were going to have for dinner, and then slowly the food started to arrive.

Vecih and I ordered soup to start, Creamy Pumpkin soup garnished with fried spicy bread crumbs and Creamy Carrot soup with ginger. They were both wonderful. For me, soup is the key to a meal.

Then we continued with our salads. I have written about this before, the care that the restaurant gives to the soup and salad is actually an indicator of the quality of the place, and our soups and salads were great in appearance and taste. My version of the salad had small mushrooms on it, lightly fried, and since I love mushrooms, the quality went up a notch for me.


Then came our main course, our meats. I and my friends ordered the lamb back lokum and my other friends ordered the beef antrkot (beef fillet as it is called in Turkey). The pink cooked meats served on a bed of mushrooms with some vegetables, fried potatoes or pasta were wonderful. A crunchy spice mixture on the lamb back delight enhanced the flavor.
We finished our menus, which looked and tasted great, with pleasure.





Finally, we moved on to our desserts: Tirami-water with fruit, caramel flamed cream and the special dessert of the place, chocolate centered cake, helped us to close the evening with an increased taste. The friends closed our evening with an Italian limoncello for dessert.


We had a nice meal at Blümlismatta and the prices are normal for Switzerland. Service and officials are friendly. After all these words, I can only recommend the place. Be sure to go and enjoy the view, the landscaping and the flavors

Delicious Greetings Erhan














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