Malters ta Cafe e Piu restaurant’s pizzeria took part in the 3rd place at the 2017 world championships (Coppa del Mondo di Pizza- Pizza World Cup- in Rom) held in Rome. When we found out he had achieved the title, we wanted to try the champion pizza. When we all slept, we came with friends.

The degree was achieved with Marinara pizza. Marinara is a pizza close to Margarita, but it is made without cheese according to some, because it is the simple state of pizza, the good and the bad of pizza are immediately revealed in this version. Of course, there are sometimes misunderstandings about the name, because Marinara literally means Shipping or sailing on a ship. As such, people may be expecting a pizza with sea fruit and grandfather.


The vast majority of friends said from Champion pizza. After waiting for a while, our pizzas were served together

The pizza was brought with Spicy Tomato sauce on top, finely cut slices of Garlic and a piece of Sicilian thyme in the middle and Olive Oil served on top. (Yellowmilk and Thyme were forgotten in my pizza Thyme was added later) The dough was in a way that the thin sides were swollen in the middle, but the fence was in such a way that the tomato sauce did not soften in the middle. He remained crispy until the pizza was finished.


We were especially pleased with the dough on our pizza. The local got good marks from all of us.

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