Ehl-i Lezzet Evening at Home

by | Jun 29, 2017 |, Restaurant excursions | 0 comments

Ehl-i Lezzet Evening at Home

by | Jun 29, 2017 |, Restaurant excursions | 0 comments

We ate different dishes with our Ahl al-Lezzet group in different places from gourmet restaurants to street food.

I invited my friends from Ahl to my house for a change, of course, I needed to prepare a little bit about the menu in order to host them well.


First of all, we started with our Vegetable soup made in fresh vegetables.


Then we ate our Focaccia, one of the favorite tastes of Italy, which I cooked fresh in the oven, with fresh reyhan leaves, Parmesan Cheese Walnut and Olive Oil and the “Pesto” sauce I made with walnuts and olive oil, and our hummus made from freshly boiled chickpeas. It was definitely a good start.


Next up was our kebab tray, the Turkey leg of our menu. On the barbecue (or rather in my oven) I cooked Chicken wings, Chicken shank Lamb Chops-Square and as well as our special Rumeli Meatballs. Of course we couldn’t be missing Eggplant and Pepper roasts and salads for serving. After cooking them all, we prepared our tray for service and ate together.

I forgot to write about he raw meatballs, but unfortunately our raw meatballs were meatless (for raw meatballs with meat, I first need to go to Urfa and do some work on recipe and kneading techniques)

With the materials I mentioned, we created a small tray for 5 people. It was great in my tastes and it would be appropriate to say that we stripped the end of the tray with our bread.


In the ongoing part of our menu was Naples Pizza from Italy. The Neapolitan pizza is soft but very nice in the oven left with some dough especially on the sides. A Pizza that does not load too much with ingredients and is cooked in a very hot oven (around 500 -550 °C) for about 90 seconds at the end. In fact, our group of delicacies didn’t have much food left after our tiny kebab tray, but we cooked and shared a tasting of fresh shrimp.


With these menus, we have completed the food part of our taste component. Afterwards, we had a pleasant time until the late hours of the evening.


Finally, we completed our assembly with a Saint-honoré cake from France, which is also a Mediterranean country. A delightful cake that I like to eat in Saint-honoré is plenty of cream (35% Milk Cream). There are “pate choux” toppings with filled insides hidden on the puff pastry dough. Finally, it is decorated with caramel shapes.

St’Honore Rechteck


I think that our menu creates a beautiful range of Mediterranean countries, all of which are masterpieces in their own way, and my friends of Ehl-i Lezzet have confirmed this.


We had ended a great evening. Maybe not everything was perfect as we saw in gourmet restaurants but it was still a very nice and delicious hitch.
















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