Asitane Restaurant Ottoman Palace Cuisine

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Asitane Restaurant Ottoman Palace Cuisine

by | May 27, 2017 |, Flavor excursions, Gurme News, Istanbul, Restaurant excursions, Türkiye | 0 comments

[Asitane Restaurant Ottoman Palace Cuisine

A Restaurant that I appreciate and value with its Asitane Concept, food and presentations. Since 1991, the food and dessert expenses records of the Topkapı, Dolmabahçe and Edirne Palace kitchens, the books of important banquets, the books written by foreign state officials and various professional groups, the documents in the Beyazıt and Millet Libraries in Istanbul, the work titled “A Banquet Notebook” belonging to the circumcision wedding of Şehzade Beyazıd and Şehzade Cihangir, the sons of Sultan Süleyman the Magnificent, held in Edirne Palace in November 1539, By making use of many original sources such as surnamese and old Ottoman dictionaries, it adds more than 200 historical recipes to its archive and carries forgotten tastes to the present day with its summer and winter menus.

In order to keep the forgotten Ottoman delicacies alive, Asitane, which offers the names used in its period, periodically organizes special food weeks such as “Fatih Sultan Mehmet Period Dishes”, “Aphrodisiac Dishes from Ottoman Palaces”, “Fish and Seafood in Ottoman Palaces”. Located right next to the Kariye Museum in Edirnekapı, on the garden floor of a restored Ottoman mansion, Asitane Restaurant hosts its valuable guests with its indoor space with a capacity of 120 people and a summer garden with a capacity of 130 people. Our venue, which is open every day between 12.00-11.30, also provides catering services for weddings, invitations and special occasions. “

I had the chance to go to Asitane in my list of restaurants I planned for a long time for iftar with my family and dear friend brother Gürkan and his family in a Ramadan evening under the name of “Zadegan Iftar in Asitane”. Whether in Ramadan or in a normal evening, I recommend you to leave yourself to be fascinated by the wonderful tastes of our past in this restaurant.



Zadegan Iftar at Asitane
“Ramadan is the harbinger of the long tables set up in the shadow of the unfading lights of the mahyas, the grandfathers sitting in the corners of the tables, the children who wait patiently in the row of the stone oven, the first bite plucked from the end of the hot pita, the Hacivat Karagöz curtains set up in the neighborhood squares, the sincere feasts that start with a sip of water and an olive, and the long hours extending from sunrise to sunset. Asitane Restaurant, which revives the forgotten tastes of Ottoman cuisine with the recipes of the palace cooks that have been transferred to the archives, continues to keep the traditions of the month of Ramadan alive this year as it does every year. Our Ramadan tables, where we add the blessings of this holy month to the rarest examples of the Ottoman culinary art, are enriched with iftariyeliks, soups, pastries and sherbets. This wonderful place invites you to share this wealth with your family, friends and loved ones in the peaceful shadow of Kariye. “Bon appetit sugar.


IFTAR BREAKFAST : Medina Date, Dil Cheese, Manyas Cheese, Ezine White Cheese, Gün Kurusu Apricot, Rumeli Honey, Cherry Tomato, Walnut Sausage, Rezeneli Cookie, Asitane Jams, Walnuts, Kalamata Olives, Crushed Green Olives, Pickles, Çengelköy Cucumbers


SOUPS: Crushed Almond and Seasoned Chicken Soup Or Cold Toyga Vaccine


COLD ENTRIES : Imam Bayıldı, Vişneli Yalancı Sarma, Artichoke, Istanbul Style Fava

HOT INTRODUCTIONS AND PIES Stuffed Dried Eggplant with Tahini, Purslane and Curd Cheese Pie


MAIN DISHES: Kırma Chicken Kebab, Saffron Pilaf Or Hünkar Gibidi Or Kuzu Kol Tandır, Inner Pilaf



DESSERTS : Elmalı Güllaç, Levzine


HOŞABLAR: Special for the Day, Peach, Cherry or Apricot Hoshab


SORBETS AND SYRUPS : Tamarind, Cinnamon, Pomegranate Flower


TEA/COFFEE : Tea, Turkish Coffee, Filter Coffee, Soft Drink



Asitane Restaurant Ottoman Palace Cuisine

Kariye Camii Sokak No:6
34240 Edirnekapi
Istanbul, Turkey
T: (212) 635 7997














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