Since some of my relatives live in Edirne Keşan, Keşan is a town that I am conflicted to visit once a year or every two years at the latest. Especially when I go on holiday from Istanbul to the Aegean, the scenery has a great share in choosing this route. Apart from the Sunflower Cheese, Cheese Halva and countless beauties of Thrace, Keşan and its surroundings are also famous for their satir meat. I made my last visit here on my Seven Flavors in Seven Days trip.

Çamlıbel is a place you can visit with your friends or family who are left with plenty of spaces between the tables in the garden spread over a wide area on the road while coming from Istanbul. Although it is an alcoholic restaurant due to its structure, it is a place that can be easily visited by those who do not use alcohol.

We have listed our orders as Satir Meat, Liver Wrap, Kaşarlı köfte and salad and Yogurt as nevale next to it. In my conversations, I was told, Satir meat is made from the curly dairy lambs of this vicinity (Keşan, İpsala, Enez). Since the lambs are fed with foods found in nature such as alfalfa, thyme, barley, wheat and corn grown in their natural environment, it is said that no spices are used when cooking, only the meat is cut little by little with a line and then the salt is poured and made ready for cooking. Since these preparatory steps make it impossible to make the meat from iced meats, the product becomes valuable in genius. In cooking, it is constantly turned on the double-sided grill and charcoal brazier to cook evenly on both sides and stay hydrated. Oils that soften and drip while cooking make Satir meat more delicious

Camlibel Row Et 008

Very tasty like Satir Et Nami. Meatballs are already a product that will not be regretted wherever they eat in this vicinity. But the liver wrap took me back to my childhood. It was a product that was constantly cooked in our house, and in our country, pieces of liver were wrapped in a shirt with rice, and cooked here without rice, genius was luxurious and sik. The taste is not inferior to Satir meat. In the meantime, when talking about satir meat and liver wrapping, we should not forget the taste of salad and that exquisite yogurt yogurt buffalo yogurt and so hard that you can cut it with a knife. In fact, even if you eat Salad and Yogurt with a crispy bread, you will have a great meal and you will be full.

Camlibel Row Et 015

The food was great and we ate one and a half to two servings because we were a bit of a big slaughter, but that doesn’t mean one serving isn’t satiating. We made the final of our visit with the famous dessert of the vicinity, Ice Cream Cheese halva. Cheese halva is served hot. A dessert that is difficult to understand at the first moment with cold ice cream on it is a dessert that sleeps the taste.

Camlibel Row Et 019

There are plenty of businesses in and around Keşan that fulfill this profession properly, and I preferred Çamlıbel Restaurant. I have to say in his presentation that I have been here several times and each time I have left satisfied. What I like most about here is that they have registered the products of Keshan and its surroundings. From the link below, you can reach the list of other establishments where you can eat this registered product.

Where to eat satyr meat:

On the second day of our Taste Trip, although the main flavor is satir meat, Buffalo Yogurt, Liver Wrap and Cheese Halva are also masterpieces in their own right. Below you can see the other steps of my trip and the Flavors.

My Seven Day Unlimited Culinary Trip:

  1. Ayvalik Toast
  2. Kesan; Satir Et
  3. Edirne; Ciger Pan
  4. Thessaloniki; çupra Mangal and nevales
  5. Kavala; Kavala Cookie
  6. Komotini; Komotini Coffee
  7. Tekirdag; Meatball














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