This time on our Taste trip we chose Japanese cuisine Sushi, Dashi, Soja, Goja and Teppan-Yaki in short, everything the Japanese eat. It is always said that the Japanese eat good and healthy food with pleasure. Well, let’s come to visit Japanese cuisine.

Since Japanese Cuisine appeals to different flavor groups with its wide range, we had to choose from them, so we used our selection on the popular Sushi, Tepan-Yaki. Teppan-Yaki is a form of food preparation products prepared on a sound steel table, demonstrating the acrobatic abilities of the cook. The fact that guests can sit around the table and closely follow the cook’s show makes this style extremely attractive. A method close to this is actually “Ocakbaşi” in oriental-Turkish culture. There the products are prepared on a barbecue, not on a hot metal, but on charcoal. Perhaps our affinity for the beginning of January may have played a role in our Teppan-Yaki election.

We chose Fujiya of Japan in Zürich. We were excited to see the cook’s skills. Upon arrival we were greeted Friendly by the Service staff. And we were told that it was perhaps more convenient to hand over our jackets to the wardrobe so that no smell would creep over them.

Then we went to our table and a steel plate was reserved for the cook so that a part of our table where 6 people could sit comfortably could easily do his job. A polite Waiter brought the menu cards so we could decide. After some thought, we chose the Gion menu. This menu includes different flavors from Japanese cuisine, some of which are designed to be cooked on a hot steel table.

Fujiya of japan 002_3

As an introduction, our Sushi, Sashimi and homemade spring rolls came and the Rolls Hot and Sushi versions, which were eaten by dipping them in sauces, were fresh and very delicious. In the beginning, it was a little difficult for my friends to eat with chopsticks, but until the end of the evening, they all solved the secret. (I haven’t had any problems with the use of the sticks as I have loved Asian cuisine for a long time and have different experiences). Thus, we have come a little closer to the food culture of the Japanese.

fujiya of japan 002

fujiya of japan 005

The ancient Okinawans say: eating with sticks speeds up the blood circulation of the brain, so it makes people smart. When it is darkened with sticks, food is eaten, so “Hara Hachi Bu” depends on the logic of filling 80% of this stomach. He advises people never to binge. A full stomach is not healthy. We aim to feed our transportation to “Hara Hachi Bu” this evening when it gets dark.

Our next menu was Miso soup. The main raw material of miso soup is Dashi, that is, fish broth, soybean puree. Small pieces of tofu and wakame, i.e. green seaweed, are available in the mushroom as the case may be. It seemed to me that the soup was served with normal spoons, and I thought that a painted patterned porcelain groin might be more suitable for Japanese cuisine. While we were drinking our soup, our cook came and was trying to burn the teppan-yaki barbecue and complete his preparations.

fujiya of japan 006

After the soup came our Salad. It was served with fresh sesame sauce. It also contained rice pasta to give it some optical beauty.

fujiya of japan 007

Next up was “Ebi to hotate-Gai,” or Jumbo shrimp and scallop mussels. On the table, which he heated and greased in his master show, he peeled them with the help of knives and forks, cooked and portioned them. He served us by cooking all sides without burning the products and dividing them into equal parts and the taste was great like other incoming products. Of course, the preparation of the dish in our eyes has increased the value of this product even more.

Fujiya of japan 013_1

Our next menu was “Kisetsu no yaki-yasai” i.e. Vegetable plate The cook fried the vegetables crispy on the hot tray and then cut them in the middle so that we could eat them with sticks and served them to our plates. I have to say that the fried vegetables and Lotus root were so delicious that I hadn’t eaten in a long time.

fujiya of japan 015

We tried chatting a bit with our cook while we were eating. But we didn’t have much success because of the language problem and the rustling of the Mangal. Of course, our first goal is not to have a press conference. we still enjoyed chatting with our cook.

Our next menu was “Yaki Meshi”, Fried peas and Egg Rice, as well as “Gyu Cheat”, that is, American beef net In fact, we had the opportunity to replace our meat with a waygu net, but we made the choice to evaluate this flavor on another flavor trip Our cook first sealed our meat front and back accompanied by acrobatic movements as in other menus, then made the garlic he cooked on the edge to make it more delicious by drizzling it over our meat and then cooked on the outside. He cut our meat into sip pieces and served them on our plates with sprouted soja beans and fried garlic. After our cook packed up his table and the surroundings and completed his duty, he said we ordered it and left us. It was even more delicious as we watched the food being cooked. We felt that it passed too quickly when we looked at our hours afterwards.

fujiya of japan 020

fujiya of japan 023

We ended our taste part by ordering our desserts. The only Japanese dessert on the menu card was the Candied Red beans, green tea ice cream They used Pitaha, passion Flower and Orange slices for optical beauty in the service Red beans reminded us of chestnut sugar and the green tea freezer was slightly refreshing. The other friends’ sweet choices were also very good. Litschi was used optically in the service Litschi is a very special flavor for many people, but when asked, I think not everyone can tell the taste exactly, I think the taste is a little cherry-like, but the dessert is heavy and slightly resembles small coconut.

Fujiya of japan 032 fujiya of japan 033 fujiya of japan 030

Our concluding view on Japanese cuisine in our Taste Apparatus was that Japanese cuisine is not eaten crammed but eaten varied and healthy.

We felt the lack of Japanese music or melodies in the background in our taste parts. This could have created a little more atmosphere of Japan. Menu Although the price is a bit on the top tier, we were extremely satisfied with our parts and we recommend it to everyone.

Going back to the philosophy of Okinava Eating does not make you fat, but doing nothing makes you fat. Based on this suggestion, we went to our car in the parking lot on foot Our walking path passed through the side streets of the city and the lively station street, the streets were full of lively chirping people, which allowed us to end our evening in a wonderful way.

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