Ayvalık Toast Mesutun Buffet

by | Apr 3, 2016 | Ayvalik, Flavor excursions, Flavor Map, Marmara Region, Türkiye | 0 comments

Ayvalık Toast Mesutun Buffet

by | Apr 3, 2016 | Ayvalik, Flavor excursions, Flavor Map, Marmara Region, Türkiye | 0 comments

Ayvalık Toast Mesutun Buffet

I have been spending my summer holiday in Ayvalık for about 25 years. now it is almost as if Ayvalık has become our hometown.

One of our greatest entertainments in Ayvalık is to eat from that delicious Ayvalık toast in the absolute. As a matter of principle, I defend the idea that everything will be eaten in the best way on the spot, although those made in other places do not reach the same taste if they approach the taste, the dexterity of the craftsmen of the region has a great effect on this. Even if you bring the same master and sometimes make the same product in a different way, the taste can emerge in very different ways from the material change.

Let’s go back to our topic, my goal was to eat the most delicious toast of Ayvaligin After my previous experiences and a little chat with the locals, I decided that I would eat the best Ayvalık toast instead of Mesutun in the toast makers’ bazaar.

Mesut Usta is a humble person. He inherited his business from his father and mentioned that the secret to his success was that he ran his business with the support of his whole family. It is not possible to prepare toasts here because the place is quite narrow. His family prepared them together at home and sent them constantly during the day. Let’s come to our toast and we instructed Mesut Usta to make our toast the way it was originally. First of all, she fried the prepared Kasseri Toasts in special Ayvalık Toast bread beautifully. According to what he said, the heat of the toaster was very important in this regard, and the low heat could cause the toast to dry and the high heat could burn the outside and leave the inside raw. After the toast was fried, he opened the inside and served the finely long cut Sausages, salami, cucumber, ketchup and mayonnaise boiled in tomato sauce.

After eating our Ayvalık Toasts with pleasure, we asked the secret and story of this delicious toast and the room explained that the biggest feature was actually in the bread, which was produced from a dough with chickpea yeast in it. As for the Story of Toast, until the end of the eighties, Tulum cheese was put in these toasts if it was to be applied to tomato paste and sausage or bacon cheese. Perhaps the excessive rise in sausage bacon prices led to the proliferation of the crap cheese varieties and the need for creativiteny and Ayvalık toast was discovered.

To summarize briefly, Mesut Usta does his job wonderfully You can eat Ayvalık toast in the absolute everywhere in Ayvalık, but I am sure that the Tostçular çarsısı artisans and Mesut Ustada will eat the best.

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