Fatih Women’s Market SUR Büryan

by | Mar 28, 2016 | Flavor excursions, Flavor Map, Istanbul, Marmara Region, Restaurant excursions, Türkiye | 0 comments

Fatih Women’s Market SUR Büryan

by | Mar 28, 2016 | Flavor excursions, Flavor Map, Istanbul, Marmara Region, Restaurant excursions, Türkiye | 0 comments

Fatih Women’s Market is one of the unique regions of Istanbul. In fact, we can call it little Siirt. Those who come here are trying to supply local needs that they cannot find in Siirt, Adıyaman, Diyarbakır Mardin such as Honey, Cheese Spices and other places. There is also another job to feed your stomach. In this regard, a place where you will definitely not go hungry is Büryan Diyarbakirinmi siirtin or bumbar or mumbarmi, but what will be said is that you can eat the most haunted here.

When I left, I made my choice in favor of SUR Büryan, but I know from my friends who have tried to perform this art with the same skill in other businesses.

Actually, my intention was to sit in the garden, eat and watch a little around, but since the weather was extremely hot, I preferred an air-conditioned corner on the mezzanine, thanks to the friend in the service arranged a place opposite the air conditioning which was great.

First of all, let’s start with Büryan rare… In fact, the original Büryan is made from goat meat, but it is available in varieties made using lamb meat. In preparation, they first cut the lamb in half in the middle, then separate the forearm from the shovel and take the bony parts and place them on a tray, including the cutlets, the back and other bony parts. then the lamb halves are tied to the hangers with the help of a rope (it can be said that the suspended meat created a kind of samdan appearance). Then, in the previously heated well, the bony parts lined up in the tray are placed underneath and then the pieces of lamb or goat are hung on them. The well is covered with a lid and the lid is plastered into the mud so that the meat is dirty before it dries. And it accumulates to cook for a set period of time . This cooking technique can be called Kuyu kebab, Tandır kebab. The size of the lambs from the cooking time is very important and a strap of different sizes can cause the meat to cook differently. In the well, the meat in the closed well cannot have a high moisture content, so the outsides are frassoming nicely and the inside is moist à As it is known, humid air is more effective in frying than dry air at the same temperature. In addition, the meat in the bottom tray is cooked more flavored thanks to the oils dripping from above.

Yes, this much buryan recipe is enough. Let’s look at our food…

There were three of us with my family and we wanted to taste everything. Actually, our choice is bony meats, but first they are exhausted, I think we need to be a regular customer to eat the bony parts because they sell nothing… Anyway, let’s say our portion buryan, curtain rice, bumbar and mixed salad and let’s taste our food. As for his drink, we said buttermilk served in the place-made bowl.

When it came to our dishes the image was great so to the practical flavors We had the mash in addition to our mixed salad except for the aclisilmis. I like bitter food, but ours is a little bitter buryans are served with bird’s head cut on the nailed pita but it seems to be a little but it is hearty I definitely thought we were eating Goat Büryan but it was a cous, and then when I learned that the business had chosen lambs 20 kilos and above, I understood why I thought I was eating goats. But certainly not negative the flavor is great. As I said before, our buttermilk appeals to both the eye and the palate, and when you add a little salt with its foam and sourness, I said to you the favorite version of our national drink. Let’s come to the curtain rice, the oily dough is laid in a pit cabinet and chicken meat rice is a wonderful flavor made by adding almonds and bell chips into it, if we had not eaten buryan, we could have been satisfied by eating only this rice and most importantly we could enjoy it even more, but it was nice in the mix. We closed the meal with mumbar dolma, I had eaten adana before, this was made a little more bitter and spicy, after this meal, I think I will have to decide that the people of Siirt eat more bitter or spicy than the people of Adana.

Our meal in SUR Büryan was great and the businesses here have made it a little more attractive by adding their own small nuances to the attractiveness of the Fatih women’s market. The tastes were great I especially liked that the prices were affordable for the locals An opportunity you should not miss if you are nearby….


Address: İstanbul, Zeyrek Mh., 34083 Fatih/Istanbul, Turkey

Phone: +90 212 533 8088

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