Rolli’s Steakhouse

by | Mar 8, 2015 | Flavor excursions, Restaurant excursions, Switzerland, Zurich hotels | 0 comments

Rolli’s Steakhouse

by | Mar 8, 2015 | Flavor excursions, Restaurant excursions, Switzerland, Zurich hotels | 0 comments

We have determined our selection in this Ehli-i-flavor part in the direction of the steak restaurant “Rollis steak House” “This restaurant has 3 branches in the vicinity of Zürich, namely Oerlikon, Kloten and Schlieren. We made our reserve to the Oerlikon branch and the concept was the same in three restaurants.

At the entrance to the restaurant, the decoration was American-like, I think there were plenty of scoops of steakhouse, and America always creates a nice association in the memory. We sat down and started to examine the menu. Even if it was in Itala style pasta on the menu, we saw that almost everyone ate meat when we looked around. We came to eat meat and we ordered New-York-style anthrkot, Beef Net and Large portion Lamb File, as you can tell, three of us ordered more than a kilo of meat.

rollis-steakhouse 01

Before the meats came our mixed salads. They were beautifully prepared, it was fresh and delicious My brother Recep loves the French style salad dressing of this place but this still did not change my preference I like Italian style salad dressing.

rollis-steakhouse 06

Then came our meat. The concept is very nice they heat the bricks in a oven at an estimated 350 – 400°C, and when the meat is to be served, they place the hot brick on the serving plate and serve it with nawas next to the less dirty meat sealed on the outside. The brick is so hot that it continues to fry on the meat. I guess that’s a little bit of a joke here. No matter how everyone wants to cook their meat, the size of the pieces they cut or the cooking time on the brick is fine-tuned, perhaps a little bit in our stovetop atmosphere in Turkey. Enough to tell you so much, then we dive into our meats by sharing them among ourselves, so we like to create mixed portions, so we have done so in this evening. Our net was soft as butter, the anthrkot was wonderfully delicious and the lamb mesh was wonderful, like Turkish delight.

If you like to eat slowly but say that the stone has cooled down, the service personnel change your stone. I think we snapped a little bit quicker and our bowls seemed warmer.

rollis-steakhouse 17

Like I said, our meat was great.
We closed our parts with a dessert and a snack, as if those beautiful meats were deflated no matter what dessert came on them. Rollis steak house is a restaurant that we can recommend If you are around and want to eat delicious meat, you should definitely give it a try.

Erhan , Vecih , Recep

Rolli’s Steakhouse

Schaffhauserstr. 352

CH-8050 Zurich-Oerlikon

Phone: +41 44 311 28 80















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