A short time ago Erhan Ben and Christoph Restaurant Höck Lyssteydik

When you arrive at the restaurant, the Höck team welcomes you in a Hospitable way, which immediately gives them plus points. The restaurant is designed in a homelike atmosphere, but it has enough space for everyone. But still a small suggestion On weekends you should definitely book and go!!!

And here we were, and in front of us, the longest Ice Cream Card in the world. We immediately started walking around in it to get some information. They produced an unlimited number of cup varieties from around 50 ice creams.

Since we could not decide on our ice cream immediately, we wanted to start by eating small individuals.

Erhan Curry ordered Chicken salad with sauce.

Retaurant Höck Lyss 002



Retaurant Höck Lyss 006



Christoph Fried Chicken winged Salad plate

Retaurant Höck Lyss 006



I ordered a sausage salad decorated with cheeses.

Retaurant Höck Lyss 008

When our meals arrived, they were so beautiful that we could hardly afford to eat. His presentation on the plates was great and appealed to the palate as well as to the eye. Here the Swiss proverb “Favorite place together” was once again confirmed. Those who did it took their work seriously and produced a very good result. In addition to the beauty of the different fruits and tastes used in the décor presentation, they also created a fireworks effect on the palate.


After finishing our meals, we started to review the Ice Cream card again. It was possible to find incredible combinations on this card. The entire card was supported by beautiful pictures, which is impossible not to let the water flow from one’s mouth while looking at them.


Although there was a great selection opportunity, we combined our own cups. You have the right to choose between Emmine’s Swiss ice cream, Giolitto’s Italian ice cream and Luna Llenada Bio Ice Cream. It is also possible to support your cup with various hot or cold fruit sauces or biscuits and amaretti products. That’s exactly what we did


Erhan’s ice cream was a bit fruit-heavy

Retaurant Höck Lyss 009


Retaurant Höck Lyss 015

Mine is definitely chocolateRetaurant Höck Lyss 012

Christophunki, on the other hand, seemed a bit confused in all versions.

Retaurant Höck Lyss 015

Everyone was cheerfully immersed in their ice cream, and joking with the servant friend made us especially like it and sweetened our parts.


I definitely recommend this Restaurant!! They scored better than us at every point we tried, the Guinness record-breaking ice cream cards are like a honey slide on them.

Must try














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