During my visit to my old friend Kublai, we organized a spontaneous trip by saying Let’s go to Eat Meatballs, which no one knows much here, but he mentioned that there is a great place with meatballs.

It was like lunchtime, we had a cup open in our bellies, let’s eat meatballs and you can order portions as well as order them by weight.

We ordered 800g for three people who chose from the order of kilos of our choice.

Let's eat käfte 04

Besides the meatballs it was served with wonderful hot paste and beautifully prepared Salad. It was wonderfully cooked, it was a bit reminiscent of Rumeli or Sultanahmet meatballs in terms of taste.

After the meal, we also sang Künefe on my palate, which still tasted the künefe in Antakya, so the künefe seemed a little light. But don’t get me wrong, it was delicious, maybe the comparison was a little unjustified.

I would like to thank my friend Kubilay and our friend Serkan for this beautiful meal.

Let's eat käfte 09

Note: Great Tastes are not always found in glamorous places. Sometimes getting to know someone from the place where you go, greeting someone special, being there with one of the permanent customers of the place can help you eat great food in a small shabby place.

Europe has established the Gault-Millau Points system and the Michelin star system to control the quality of venues. I will publish my articles promoting them in the future.

Akincilar mahallesi Inonu caddesi No: 74

Gungoren / Istanbul

Phone: 212 504 04 27














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