Salon Culinaire Mondial

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Salon Culinaire Mondial

by | Nov 27, 2013 | Flavor general culture, Gurme News | 0 comments

World-Class Tastes at Basel

14. October 2013

The world’s ten best chef teams will compete in the ‘Salon Culinaire Mondial’ in Basel, Switzerland this Autumn

Salon Culinaire Mondial is the 23rd of the most prestigious competitions in the world. with 27. From November 2013 it will take part in the Igeho Organization in Basel. He will take part in this competition with his National Team in Switzerland. In a Talk, Team Chief Sascha Müller said that they have been preparing for this competition since January by working between 700 and 1’000 hours. Initially, they came together to plan the general lines, then the first ideas started to be prepared, and the last rule, 1:1, was to prepare hot and cold products for a group of 110 people. By the way, I was among the guests at the second 1:1 preparatory dinner of Sascha Müller and his team, you can read his article on the link.

Competition where international interest is great. Held in the hall of the new Exhibition Center , Participating countries:

Switzerland, Singapore, Hong Kong, Canada, South Africa, Germany, Malaycia, the Netherlands, Italy and Czechoslovakia.

The Swiss national team has proven that they are among the top three teams in the world with their recent competitions.

There are a total of 93 national national teams registered with the «World Association of Chefs Societies» (WACS). Salon Culinaire Mondial is an important pillar of this organization, repeated once in six years. From 10 to 15’000 visitors are expected daily.

Salon Culinaire Mondial 2013

The Contest Flux is as follows:

3-Step Hot Menu for 110 People: In the competition organized as a Show kitchen on an area of 2’800 square meters, two teams will exhibit their skills every day. Each team will have 5.1/2 hours to prepare the 3-Step hot menu for 110 people. Prepared Menus will be served to the public and at the reserved Nations Restaurant next door.

Cold products Show: Here, Teams are required to prepare four types of “Fingerfood”, three types of hot appetizers, a five-step menu on New Year’s Eve Greetings and a three-step Vegetarian Menu.

In the Sweet Art section: They will demonstrate their skills in the form of a chocolate, Paraline fruit dish and complete this with a demonstration piece between 60 and 100 cm.

International Jury products: Perfect preparation will complement the Service patterns by scoring.

Great delicacies every day in the Nations Restaurant: From 11:30 a.m., the Teams will begin their preparations, and after 5 1/2 hours the menus can be eaten in the restaurant. The menu costs 72 francs excluding drinks.

Salon Culinaire Mondial 2013

Salon Culinaire Mondial competition results:

10 National Teams and more than 60 members, 22-person Jury and competition for 5 days. It was clear from the outset that the level was high and that the jury would have a hard time evaluating. As a result, the incredible success of the ‘Culinary National Team Hong Kong’ elevated them to the first place with double gold, with the Swiss national team in second place and Singapore in third place.

Aggregate results

Winning Team Culinary World Masters: Hong KongSalon Culinaire Mondial 2013

Second Winner Culinary World Masters: SwitzerlandSalon Culinaire Mondial 2013

Third Winner Culinary World Masters: SingaporeSalon Culinaire Mondial 2013

Winning Team Cold Food Show: Singapore

Second Winner Cold Food Show: Switzerland

Third Winner Cold Food Show: Hong Kong

Winning Team Hot Food Competition: Hong Kong

Second Winner Hot Food Competition: Switzerland

Third Winner Hot Food Competition: The Netherlands















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